Monday, June 22, 2009

Absolute Iced Blooming tea!!

what you need:
cocktail strainer for the pitcher
4 blooms of Grade A Collection (4 different blooms will compliment each other for the taste and display),
sliced lime or lemon,
1 pitcher,
Ice cubes

Iced blooming tea instruction:

1. Boil water 40-48 oz until it reaches boiling. Pour the boiling water into a teapot or stainless steel pot that has a wide opening. (This will allow you to take the blooms out easily). Drop 4 blooms. Wait until fully bloom. If you prefer stronger taste, let the tea sit for a little bit longer time.
2. Pour roughly 8-10 oz cold water into the pitcher first (This will avoid break the glass) Then use food tong to move the blooms into the pitcher.
4. Pour 30%-50% of the tea into the pitcher, then add ice cubes...Or you can mix the iced cubs with tea first then pour the mixture into the pitcher.
5. When you serve it, you can add one slice of lime, fruits or anything you want. Putting sliced limes into the pitcher directly will make the water look not too clear.

Put the strainer on top of the pitcher and you can serve it immediately! Refill ice cubes and tea when 30% left. You can refill iced cubes few times. If need stronger taste, add the rest of tea to you pitcher or wait a little longer time after each refill.

You also can use Tea Fame collection or Thé Luxe collection to make iced blooming tea, 4 blooms or 2 blooms, depends on your personal preference.

Wanna a different Summer experience? Want your event memorable? Try iced blooming tea!! You will be amazed about the results!

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