Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Tuesday!! a FUN Video to dust off the negative Chi

My friend forwarded me this video-Sneezing baby panda..soo funny and adorable!!! Could not believe the little baby Panda has so much Chi!!!!

Panda, or Giant Panda, belongs to "Bear" family. We all know panda eats bamboo, but actually they ate meat instead of bamboo, long long long time ago, before you and I exist;))

He sneezed. Debris. Movement. Okay, now at this point, I'm disgusted. And I'm grossed out by it. And at first, I'm thinking 'I'm going to go off on this guy'. And then I decided, 'Wait a second, Dane. Don't do that. Take the high road. Try to be polite'. So I turn to him and this is what I said. I looked at him and I went: 'Uh, God bless you'. Which you know, is God bless you, but it kinda sounded like 'Cover your f**king mouth'. Yeah, incognito. I say 'God bless you' by the way when someone sneezes. I don't say 'Bless you'. I don't say that because... I am not the lord. I can't do that. I'm just a messenger for big guns upstairs, you know what I'm saying? And I never go with 'Gesundheit'. I don't even know who says that. If I say 'Gesundheit', I feel like I'm honoring Hitler. Like I should be like 'Gesundheit!'. I end up on the History Channel 'cause a guy sneezed. 'God bless you'. This is what the guy comes back with. Here's where it starts to get out of control. The guy looks at me and very condescendingly goes: 'Uh, yeah. I'm an atheist'. What a jerk, right? I'm trying to be polite. I don't know you're an atheist. And even if I did, what am I supposed to say when an atheist sneezes? 'Uh, yeah, when you die, nothing happens'.       


Dionne said...

Hahaha, I love that panda video - so cute! And I saw that Dane Cook special on TV - hilarious!

Tea Beyond said...

hahahha...you know Dioone, I'm never sick of watching the Sneezing baby Panda!!! It's like a baby panda prank;))) hahahaha!!!

I love Dane Cook!!! watched his show as well...'Uh, yeah, when you die, nothing happens' hahahahaha!!! I gonna change my religion now;))))

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