Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea culture-treasure hunting: Jenny Lind teapot 1795

I love go to local thrift shops to hunt for treasures!!! You never know what you find and that's what happend to me few times.

Teapot is not a big collection item and only tea lovers treasure them more. Look what I got last weekend? Jenny Lind teapot!!!! Could not believe it!

I do not know who ever used this teapot. But what's interesting is that most of Jenny Lind's tea sets use the almost identical or very similar design!!! Beautiful red color!!!

Do you collect any teapots?


Pigtown*Design said...

so funny! i just found a bunch of this jenny lind china. i was looking for information on it and found your post.

Tea Beyond said...

haha!! loved it!! thanks for your note my dear. you know, red color teapots were kind of rare at that time as most of teapots were painted blue...

I was searching for the Jenny Lind company too!!! but unfortunately did not find much info. There's another Jenny Lind from Germany, very famous singer i think...that's all I found on the web;)))) Did not serve my thirst at all;((((

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