Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tea Lifestyle: 5 Cool Ways to use your teapots: Candle holders/lights (part 3)

Said Good-bye to hurricane Irene. Purchansed enough food for 2 months! All shelves were cleaned by local folks at ShopRite last Friday! Everybody purchased batches of batteries, not me;) I bought few bags of candles just in case.

Last night I made a candle light dinner;)))...smells goody

If it happens wax in your teapot, use hot water to wash it.

new product-Angel cups (2 oz 1 teacup+1 saucer)

New product-Teapot Solo (12 oz)-make sure to use slightly taller candle due to the depth of the teapot

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tea Lifestyle: 5 Cool Ways to use your teapots: Kitchen device (part 2)

Cool way to use your teapot-Make your teapot a multifunctional Kitchen device!!

It's not an easy job to keep your kitchen clean, especially liquid, like olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce, etc. Until some day I found a good idea: use my Teapot Solo as liquid bottle!!

5 reasons you love this idea:

1. No Dripping!!! I always had to clean the oil/vinegar bottle after use each time. and the dripping is messy! teapot Solo comes with a special feature:non-driping. This is a life saver!!!

2. SAVE SAVE SAVE-I found that when you use small plate to eat, you tend to eat less!! Same thing with the olive oil. When you use small bottle to hold the oil, you tend to use less. That's $$$ saver!!

3. Does not occupy a lot of space

4. When you only need few drops, the small teapot mouth can help!

5. If you like to add some herbs to make home made flavored olive oil, you can use the teapot cause it comes with a stainless steel filter! Easy to get the oil out.

Have you thought about it?;)

Here's the previous blog:
5 Cool ways to use your teapot: functional Vase (part 1)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tea lifestyle: 5 cool ways to use your teapots-part 1

teapot Juliet

teapot fairy

We are so buzzy buzzy every day that we forgot how beautiful life is! What are we buzzy for? live better, greener and huppier!!

Do you know glass teapot can be used as vase??? really? yep! Simple is that! no brainer! Tell me is there's any better way to do this!?

teapot DUO

I just finished my trade show in NYC last week...received soo many compliments on my display!! you wonder why....Here's the reason-they are Be-U-tiful!!

teapot Romeo

Whada think??? like'em?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Health: tea allergy

When I was doing tea tasting in CT last month, few customers told me that they are allergic to black teas!! Not sure why?? Maybe too much bad news these days about employment, jobs, houses, etc so that people react to it in a physical way...Or maybe not.

In the past, there were few reports/studies I read that show tea actually has anti-allergy constituents and help stop/prevent allergies. Apparently more studies need to be done in this area.

People who told me they are allergic to teas are young (at least in this case), and only allergic to black tea. I thought they might be allergic to caffeine, but they can drink green tea without any issues.

Are you, or anyone you know allergic to teas? let me know!

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