Thursday, September 22, 2011

Health: What do you take for colds or migraine headaches? Ginger tea is the BEST!

"A Cold" season is coming, folks!!

What do you take when you have a cold? My answer is always, always: Ginger Tea! A STRONG one, yall!! It is my absolute solution for the Migraine Headaches (yike) as well!! My sister eats raw ginger slices every day and she never gets colds!!!

By the way, ginger is also used to treat nausea in Asia.

When I moved to the US, my parents were so worried about my health, because I have lower immunity than average people. I was totally sick of being sick. My father taught me a secret weapon: ginger tea!

His original recipe included white part from green orions (big ones) , sliced ginger, fermented soy beans, etc. But I had hard time to find all the ingredients in the US, especially the right fermented soy beans. I then tried ginger tea only few times. Oh boy oh boy, it WORKED beautifully!!!

This remedy fits perfectly for people who get cold due to "cold invasion", not "heat invasion" and migraine headaches. Listen, in traditional Chinese medicine, the treatments for a common cold caused by "cold" and "heat" are completely different! (not like the western medicine, cold medicine is used for all kinds of colds, regardless). In most of times, we have a cold caused by "cold". A cold caused by "heat" normally happens under hot weather. This type of cold is much harder to heal.

If your cold is caused by "cold", you need to drink ginger tea right in the beginning when you have some light symptoms, such as light headache, feel unconfortable, tired, sleepy, lightly running nose, sniffing a lot (except allergies), no appetite, etc.

Here's what I normally do: slice a big chunck of ginger into few thin pieces, add roughly 2-3 cups (adjust the water volume to get the strength you like) of water. Until boiling, turn your stove to low for about 10 minutes.

When drink, add some honey (yeah! patients deserve some sweet treats;-)). Finish it quickly. Then? go to bed immediately! I guarrantee you will sweat A LOT!! which is a good sign actually! That means all the "poison" come out of your body! Sweating helps your body get rid of all the wastes from your body.

BUT, if you are really sick, or having very bad colds/fever/coughs, contact your doctors IMMEDIATELY! Ginger tea does not help any more! Ginger tea only helps in the early stage of colds. In addition, if you have some high blood pressures, weak stomaches, follow your doctors instructions instead. Another thing you need to know is fresh ginger is the best. I never tried pickled ginger. I feel it's too light for me. I want my ginger tea really strong when I have colds.
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