Friday, September 2, 2011

Tea Lifstyle: 5 cool ways to use your teapots-Home decor (part 4)

if you want to show off your UNIQUE fashion style, try this tip: hang teapots on the wall, and invite your friends come over for a party. See what they say. Trust me, they will die to know how you make it happen;))) and do not forget to share it with me!;)) All these teapots, cups were on the wall. I used canvas frame to make it more like a nice dispay.
One time my friend said to me, you know, i did not even notice that i actually bought soo many stuff i never even open the packaging box and they still sit in my basement.... Yeah, you realize how much you spend on something you do not use in life time...It would be really nice if we can buy one thing that can be used for multiple purposes, right? it saves you $$$, space and it's much easier to get organized. You do not even need to clean the extra stuff! For teapots, you can use to brew teas, but when you do not use it, put it on the counter or table, or hang on the wall...see what happens;)) The best part, it's UNIQUE and shows a lot of personalities.
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