Thursday, June 21, 2012

TGIF Roller Skating

It's Summer by definition!! Time to go out and have fun!! Few years ago, I decided to try roller skating...That's correct: it's roller skating, like what those 5 years kids do! Just try to catch up with my childhood leftovers;) I used to jog a lot but I needed something more fun than simply jogging. Roller skating is like walking on wheels. It can't be wrong if the 5 years old enjoys it so much that he does not want to take the roller skate shoes off before bed...

Watch out Granny
Talking Husky
Street fairs
Happy Tuesday Yoga Time 1
I searched on and found some courses for me: these babies are my role models!!

How cool if you can dance and roller skate, like Gene Kelly?! Want some dating advices? Go Roller skate!!


 If Mr. Kelly is too baby boomer generation for you, take a look at this roller surfing in Paris: Environmental friendly sport!! No parking required! you can go anywhere you want!

What you are waiting for? Go roller skating this summer!!;))

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