Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tea 101 How to make iced blooming tea (Sugar free, gluten free, dairy freea, party idea, 10 minutes recipe)

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How to make iced tea
Iced Mint Green tea
Daiquiri Fruit (stevia and green tea)
Mint muffin (banana, whole wheat flour, oat meal)
Fruit Kebab

Strawberry Smoothie (3 ingredients or less, strawberries, peanuts)
Kiwi Ginger smoothies
Banana Ginger Muffins
Banana Cookies (3 ingredients or less)
Whole Wheat Tortilla (Banana)
Whole Wheat Lemon Banana cake
Banana Orange Ice pop
Whole Wheat Banana Olive Oil Cake

Sunchokes soup 
Orange Matcha Ice Cream 
Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats
Stevia Recipe: Gingerbread men made with fresh ginger (Christmas recipe)
Whole Wheat Blueberry Green Tea Pancake 
This is a great party idea-beautiful presentation, light delicate flavor and aroma. Totally Summary!!! I call it the iced tea for beach and garden!!!
Follow the same procedure like I did in my previous post-how to make iced tea in 10 minutes . There are few differences though in preparing iced blooming tea.

Blooming tea (4 blooming teas can generate more than 1 gallon of iced blooming tea)
iced cubes

Optional-stevia powder, honey or sugar; Lemon/lime slices for garnish


1. Brew the hot blooming tea: make sure to use boiling water to let the tea brew faster. Let it sit for roughly 10 minutes. Use 1/3 to half of water you use to brew your tea in a normal way. so the blooming tea you make now should be quite strong. 

2. while the blooming tea is brewing, get the ice cubes ready and add them to a pitcher. Make sure to lean your pitcher to roughly 45 degree so that the ice cubes will not break the glass. Fill the pitcher with ice cubes.

3. Once the tea is ready. Pour the hot blooming tea, without bloom, into the pitcher filled with ice cubes directly. As for how much blooming tea you should pour in, I did 1/3 first to test how strong my iced tea tastes like. It's easier to fix if too light-add a bit more hot tea. Depends on the materials of the pitcher you use, my recommendation is to pour the hot tea over the ice directly. If you pour the tea long the glass wall, it could potentially break the class due to sudden temperature rise.  

4. Optional-The ice cubes are melt immediately, roughly 1 minute. Use a food tongue carefully take one bloom out of the teapot and drop it into the pitcher. This will add great color and presentation to the iced tea. If you see all ice cubes are melt, add more to the pitcher to let it stay icy cold. 

5. Refill the teapot with the boiling water to brew more. In general, blooming tea can generate multiple brews. That means, you can refill water multiple times to get more tea out of it. This is why it's actually cheaper to use whole leave teas to make iced tea with the best quality.

 It can't be better than drinking iced blooming tea in Summer!!!
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