Sunday, June 3, 2012

Healthy Recipes Fruit Kebab (Cinnamon)

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So what's up 010010000101010100110? 

My friend asks me some ideas for summer party. It has to be simple, fun, healthy, easy to prepare because she is not a trained chef, but wanted to be called housewife chef;) so many titles!!!

I think fruits are one of the best ideas-no need to cook, beautiful colors, easy to prepare and who doesn't love fruits?

Benefits: Great way to get some Vitamins and water for summer!! In addition, watermelon helps urinate. What does this translate into health benefits then? Traditional Chinese Medicine believes watermelon's property is "cold"-it helps relieve the anxiety (normally caused by the heat in summer) and let the "poison stuff or wastes" get out of your system quickly.

Warning-fruits have more or less sugar content.

Tea Pairing: green tea or herbal tea

Ingredients:12 kebabs

one quarter of watermelon (medium size)
1 count of pineapple (the one you can purchase at supper market. everything is pealed for you already)
2 cup Green grapes

Ground Cinnamon to taste

1. Cut watermelon and pineapple in cubes, roughly 1 inch in size.
2. Thread watermelon, pineapple, green grape onto 12 skewers (medium length)
2. Dust some ground cinnamon on top!!
Who can say you are not a gourmet chef now?!!!

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