Sunday, June 10, 2012

Healthy Recipes Daiquiri Fruit (stevia and green tea)

Obesity is not a news for America, but the statistics are still astonishing: 35.7% of Americans were obese, based upon the 2010 statistics!!! By 2018, this number will be 47.5%: every two Americans, there will be one obese. And that does not even include overweight!! I think nobody gains weights for purposes.  If you look at the cooking shows on TV, foods sold in restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets, it's much easier to find the answer!

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Part of the reasons I started blogging about recipes is that I gained 15 LBs in 1 month after I switched to American food, only partially!! You know how difficult to lose the 15 pounds? Remember I have a very active life style (even when I gained weights, I never stopped walking). It is not easy to lose it, I tell you that! I finally did it after 6 months!! There must be a better way to make healthy foods more enjoyable, without worrying to gain weight!! Do you agree? healthy food does not mean plain, boring or tasteless...I was inspired by my own personal experience and decided to share about the recipes I use for my own cooking.

There's an interesting story I read-one woman was obese and she had so much hard time to lose weight. She tried many different "successful systems". Nothing worked for her! Sounds familiar? Then she started chatting online, with people from forums. Because she was so busy chatting online, she did not have much time to eat! She lost over half of her weights in few months!!! And she found a boyfriend!!! A happy ending!!!

Huffington post had an article-10 Jobs That Will Make You Fat: Study. hmmmm...Physicians!...I do not know about that. The other day I went to see my doctor to get the blood test done. I noticed the few Admin people in my doctor's offices are definitely over-weight! Just my offense.

Yes, active lifestyle is one thing. Eating right is the fundamental way to stay healthy. Garbage in, Garbage out!

This recipe is adapted from the recipe of Daiquiri.

Benefits-Great summer treat! easy to make, light calories (from fruits), lightly alcoholic, great party ideas on the beach! Also a great way to eat fresh fruits!
Tea pairing-no need to pair it with any tea because it's made with green tea!!

Ingredients: 16 servings

4 plums
4 star fruit
4 yellow peach
12 strawberries
4 oz lime juice
16 oz gold rum
48 oz green tea (light-medium strong), chilled
1 tbsp +1 tsp stevia powder or up to taste


1.  Cut all fruits in slices. It will help the fruits get marinated. Add sliced fruits to a pitcher.
2. Add the rest of ingredients to the pitcher and stir to mix it evenly.
3. Use a plastic wrap to cover the pitcher and put it in the refrige to chill it. Or you can use the ice bucket to chill it.


Carole said...

Hey, this is just great. I have been hosting a series called Food on Friday which features a different food or ingredient each time. This week, for fun, we are doing cocktails and mocktails. If you would like to link this in – this is the link Food on Friday

Jane London said...

have a wonderful event Carol! Thanks for your note!

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