Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Health: How much liquid should I drink per day

Some say 2 cups a day, or 8 cups per day, While some believe drink whenever you are thirsty.

Let's do the numbers.

So the question is how much liquid should a person drink per day:

Assume everything is under normal circumstances, meaning no special conditions need to be considered, such as illness/taking medicine, preganancy, dry climate, exercising, oil-drinkers (!), eat 5 pounds of watermelon per day, etc

Based upon my research, in average, we should take 2 liters (64 oz) liquid per day, including everything. Here's where I get my numbers: We lose liquid via breathing, sweating, and generating "nature fertilizers" (urine & bowel, etc. that's a lot restroom runs), roughly 2 liter (64 oz) per day. This should be how much liquid we need to take in order to keep the balance. See, our body functions more like a recycle program;) Amazing!

Does it mean we have to drink 64 oz liquid per day? NO! that would be rediculous (unless you are a salt sucker;))) We have multiple ways to get it: Through Meals, such as vegetables (salads), meat, chicken, fish, soups (more of Asian thing I believe) and snack foods, such as fruits. This part accounts for roughly 24-32 oz or 40-50%.

The rest?....we get it from drinks, such as alcohol, wine, beer, coffee, tea, juices, etc. If you stay in bath tub or water 5 hours a day, you need to count that as well.

I have seen and heard so many people who have or had kidney stones...uhhh..very very painful!!! I had a small one before (you gonna experience everything in life,including the bad ones. That's my attitude! but make sure you know how to fix it if happens!!;)).

My father, a retired doctor, asked me to drink loads of liquid, jump jump jump, upside down...every day ('s hard to get some kidney stones-right time, right methods and right spots! it's even harder to get rid of them!!) well, that helps me do yoga! Not a bad treatment, if the stone is gone. Thanks to my father (not god this time), it's all gone now!!

My next question is: How much tea should I drink per day? Or how much tea do you drink per day?


S. said...

Lovely post :) I drink at least one cup of tea per day. But I think you can drink very much more than that :)

/S / http://

Tea Beyond said...

thanks sweetie....I sneaked by your blog;)))

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