Monday, July 25, 2011

Tea 101: What to do if your tea is too strong? Follow the Russians

It's a busy morning. You put some of your favorite tea into your beautiful teapot, and pour some hot water over, but completely forget about it. 2 hours later, when you are thirsty, oh boy, the tea has been brewed for too long to be drinkable. What would you do then? Some say they add more milk, more sugar to make it creamy and sweetie...That surely will do! But, if you drink 4-6 cups of this kind of tea, that's a lot of calaries added, isn't it?

Have you heard of any stories about tea tradition in Russia? In old tradition, (they probably still do it nowadays), Russians make their teas very strong in a teapot, then pour into teacups in small portion, topped with boiling water to adjust the strength.

So do not feel bad if you brew your tea for too long time. You jut accidentally follow the Russian tea tradition my dear friend!! The only thing you need to do is to add some hot water to make it a perfect cuppa.

Now you know you are the Russian tea expert;)) Try it and let me know what ya think?!
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