Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Health: How much tea should we drink per day?

It brought to my attention when someone told me that he drinks 10 cups of tea per day. He said, "you know, green tea has EGCG, good for you. The more the better, so that the EGCG, good guys, can kill all of the free radicals, the bad guys, in my body"...

Unless something else is going on, if you drink 10 cups of tea per day, you need to 1) sit next to a restroom (try it, you will know i'm right, seriously); 2) have a productive kidney; 3) possbile a good heart

The main factors determine how many cups of tea we drink include:

1. % of Polyphenols in tea (including EGCG): it accounts for roughly 20-30% of dried tea leaves in terms of weight.

2. % of alkaloid, such as caffeine, theophylline, etc. Accounts for roughly 3-5% of dried leaves

3. How much liquid should we drink per day. As I mentioned in my previous post, in average, we should drink 32-48 oz of liquid per day to keep our body functioning and balanced.

Based upon the statistics above, we should use maximum 6-8 grams of dried tea leaves, Or 3-4 servings per day. Depends on how strong your tea is brewed. If light, you can drink slightly more. If strong (do not recommend it in general. I will discuss it in a separate article), 1-2 cups of tea can get your body activated in the morning.

So to be perfectly healthy,
1-2 cups per day, a good "gotcha"!!
3-4 cups per day, "catch me if you can"!!
4-6 cups...STOP, right there!! that's enough! if you'd like to drink more, do it tomorrow, my dear friend!
Do you drink both coffee and tea?

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