Sunday, July 3, 2011

Meet with Master of Wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan is a Master of Wine, one of the 4 women MW (Master of Wine)in the US. And I'm a Chinese Tea master. What could happen if we ever meet?!!!!

And we did!!!

It was June 10th and we finally met in person in NYC!! It was truely exciting and fun fun fun!! She is stunningly beautiful, like a movie star (isn't she), has a great personality and kind heart!! I joked with her that she does not look like someone who drinks a lot of wine;))) She then explained to me that she spits when tasting. This is exactly the same with tea. When testing various teas, I normally spit. Otherwise, it's a hell load of teas I have to drink every day;)

Guess what we had for drink when we met? Mint TEA!!!

When we started talking, we found we spoke each other's languages!!! There are so many similaries between wine and tea!! They are all made from certain plants (tea bushes and grapes), which means geographic locations play a vital role in their quality! Even the vocabularies we use are very similar, such as fermentation, cultivar, etc

In other words, if you know how to differentiate wines, you will learn how to enjoy tea like a pro very quickly because the two drinks have so much in common!!

Jennifer offers Wine tasting classes at the Astor Center in NYC and also provides consulting services to wine professionals.

Check her websites out:
Jennifer can also be found on Twitter:@JediWineMaster

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