Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Giveaway!!!

 I hope everybody enjoyed the gobble boggle day;))

Today's giveaway is our CompleteTeapot Juliet set $150

Teapot Juliet is hand blown, made with heat resistant glass. The pink rose and handle are all hand crafted by artists! It comes with a glass strainer which allows tea lovers to brew both blooming tea and loose leaf tea!

Exclusive Certified Origin Teas, (also called Protected Designation of Origin in Europe,) Tea Fame Collection is made of the rarest Silver Needle Green Tea hand-picked from over 2500 foot tall mountains in China. There are only a few days per year and a few hours per day that are fit to pick teas of this quality. Only the stongest and healthiest baby tea leaves are hand-picked and sorted for the best presentation and nutrition. Made in small batches, Tea Fame Collection blossoms are purely hand crafted by tea masters with care and love. After the blooms are made, another 25 days are required for a special process to finish the Tea Fame Collection.

The Collection includes four blooms: Blossom of Snow, Sola, Intimatea and Royal Red.

Tea Fame collection is a must-have for tea lovers!

Sola - Chamomile-like aroma and taste, mild and refreshing with hints of spice!
Intimatea - Long lasting Jasmine aroma - a delightful and well-balanced taste!
Royal Red - Long lasting Sweet Olive aroma with a sweet after taste.
Blossom of Snow - Chamomile-like aroma with notes of citrus.

Comfort in the Night: Werner John (Native flutes, keyboard) and Alana Woods (harp) have produced an exquisite example of the gentler musical arts. This  recording features concert harp blending perfectly with deeper-pitched Native flutes, including the 1200-year-old Anasazi flute. It's a rich and evocative musical journey, transporting the listener gently into realms of serenity or sleep. (Digital, 55 minutes). Great for creating tranquility anywhere; massage and healing work; relaxing into restful sleep. A spiritual resource for difficult times.

For a chance to win, please register here  and leave your comment below. A winner will be chosen random by Dec. 2nd!!!

Updates-The winner goes to.....nicoleisdevoted!!! Congrats Nicole!!! please email me your shipping address to  INFO@TEABEYOND.COM

Thank you all for participation!!!


nicoleisdevoted said...

Please Please Please choose me. I would adore and treasure this teapot, it would become a family heirloom I would use it to pass down a love of tea to my three daughters! My husband who was the only one working in our family we could all use some relaxation. Please I would be eternally grateful!

Laathspell said...

I have registered and would love to enter this giveaway! -Dayna

Ari said...

Must...have! Words cannot express how happy my family would be to have this teapot set. We are tea lovers so this would be perfect for us. I also admit I'm a sucker for beautiful teapots so I simply *need* this.
I have registered, so I hope this counts as my entry for the giveaway.
Many thanks, -Ari

zm98 said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I am a tea fanatic and this would help feed my "addiction"! Please pick me :)

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