Thursday, November 3, 2011

Japanese foods on your menu?-a report from Mitsuwa

Japanese Luxy Lunch Box

Drove to Mitsuwa today because they are having a special event. Few Japanese chefs flew in to cook for the American folks here in NJ!! I love everything freshly made!! Who doesn't?;))

It was really crowded at the supermarket!!! It took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot!! Anyway, it was worth the time waiting. I bought few things here:

Jumbo Kintsuba Green Tea

Jumbo Kintsuba Chestnut

Meat Croquette

Everything is delicious. I am a big DIY person;)). Occassionally go out to search for fun foods! The two Jumbo Kintsuba are mainly made with red beans which is traditional Japanese dessert type of food. The Meat Croquette is made with onion, beef and pork. The most delicious one is the Luxy lunch box-different kinds of fish eggs (I can not really tell), crab meat, crab eggs, Japaness style pickle and rice. The rice under tastes a little bit fruity. They might add some juice while cooking it.

Also bought some ice cream-triple bowl: green tea, vanilla and chocolate!!!

I could not wait to get home to taste my yum food!! But had to wait cause I really wanted to take pictures of them before they are gone!!

Drank tons of green tea after the meal... This is the laziest way to stay healthy;)))


Amy Seager said...

I love Japan and everything with it!
We went on honeymoon to Japan and it was the most amazing experience of my life!

Thanks for sharing these amazing posts!

Love from

Tea Beyond said...

thanks Amy!! The meal was really great!! if you are in NYC area, I recommend you try it this weekend. The event lasts until this weekend i think!

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