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Tea 101 How to make iced tea ( a 10 minutes recipe)

Wait a minute, there's a town called Tea in South Dakota? That's really cool!! And the history of this town is related to Tea:

Iced Mint Green tea
Daiquiri Fruit (stevia and green tea)
Mint muffin (banana, whole wheat flour, oat meal)
Fruit Kebab
Strawberry Smoothie (3 ingredients or less, strawberries, peanuts)
Kiwi Ginger smoothies
Banana Ginger Muffins
Banana Cookies (3 ingredients or less)
Whole Wheat Tortilla (Banana)
Whole Wheat Lemon Banana cake
Banana Orange Ice pop
Whole Wheat Banana Olive Oil Cake
Sunchokes soup 
Orange Matcha Ice Cream 
Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats
Stevia Recipe: Gingerbread men made with fresh ginger (Christmas recipe)
Whole Wheat Blueberry Green Tea Pancake

The village of Byron was begun after the survey of the railroad line from Yankton to Sioux Falls was completed. With the completion of the railroad, the community decided it needed a post office, so an application was submitted.
The postal authorities advised the town fathers that several other communities were also named Byron. They requested the community select 10 short names from which one would be chosen. At a meeting around the pot-bellied stove in Heerens and Peter's General Store, townspeople came up with nine names and could not think of the 10th. Since this was a German based community, the tradition of afternoon tea was a necessity. When someone suggested that they break for tea, the idea to put Tea on the list was agreed upon. The postal authorities advised the town that the name "Tea" had been selected.
The town of Tea was plotted in 1900 and incorporated in 1906.

Ok. I admit that I'm a stage 4 tea drinker. Oh, you are, as well? That's even better! I like to read anything related to tea, including "Texas Education Agency" (tea)...when you search "tea" online, the first result comes out on Google is Texas Education Agency! Sure, Texans love tea!!

Anyway, it's not surprised that America is the #1 country that drinks iced tea because Americans are hot!!;) 

Tea 101 Iced Tea
Tea 101-The mystery of Iced Tea

While you may know many ways to make iced tea, such as use instant iced tea mix/powder, iced tea pouch, tea bags, etc, there's always a better way to make easy while healthier iced tea in no time!

The best quality iced tea is to use the whole loose tea leaves to make freshly brewed iced tea. In most of times, you need to brew the hot tea first then chill it in fridge for hours. When ready, serve with ice. Sometimes you just don't have the patience to wait until the tea is icy cold, simply because when we are thirsty, we want to drink now! If you make iced tea too early, the tea lose flavors and aroma.

Here's how to make better iced tea in 10 minutes:

Benefits: easy and quick, high quality, better nutrition, better health!! freshly made. Summer is easy and better!!
  • hot brewed green tea-use whole loose green tea leaves (or you can use black tea, Oolong, herbal tea, etc. For this blog, I make iced green tea)
  • ice cubes
  • Optional-honey or stevia powder

1. Brew the hot tea-Just brew hot tea like you normally do
Heat the water until boiling. wait until the temperature reaches 180-190F (slightly hotter than you normally use). Pour in glass teapot and wait for about 10 minutes. The water volume will be 1/3 of regular volume you use to make the tea much stronger.

2. While brewing, fill the pitcher with ice cubes. I normally like the proportion hot tea: ice cubes=1:3. For example, if you use 2 cups of hot tea, you will need 6 cups of ice cubs. Depends on which tea you use and how strong you prefer, you can always use more ice cubes if too strong or more tea if too diluted.

3. Pour the hot tea directly over ice cubes in the pitcher. Ice cubes get melt immediately and you can drink right away!! You can continue to add ice cubs and tea to reach the desired taste.

What can be better than the freshly brewed iced green tea in no time in the Summer, right on the beach?!!!

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