Sunday, April 22, 2012

Healthy Recipe Strawberry Smoothie (3 ingredients or less, strawberries, peanuts)

Strawberry smoothies

I think I love to smell strawberries more than eating them;)) It just smells sooo good! Every time I smell it, my mouth starts to water;))

Strawberry smoothies (frozen strawberries, peanuts, banana, sugar free)
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 I bought pounds of peanuts few weeks ago at Wholefoods! Why? I do not eat much meat so I do need fat! It's interesting that all peanuts sold in the US have the red skin peeled off...The Traditional Chinese medicine believes the most nutritional part of peanut is the skin;)) it's rich in iron and antioxidants!! My old colleague's wife was diagnosed of leukemia. She took chemo and her doctor recommended her eating peanut skin...If she was in the US, she would have no place to find it;((
strawberries, with a pig face!!

Anyway, that's one of the reasons I like peanut.

Benefits-rich in vitamin C, protein!!

Tea pairing-Green tea

6 oz strawberries
2 oz peanuts roasted
1 cup soy milk or milk of your choice

1 extra strawberry for garnish

Add all ingredients to the blender, purify for 1 minute! Garnish with the extra strawberry!!!

Do you like the aroma of roasted peanuts? then you should know what this smoothie tastes like!!! It's like smoke, when you close your mouth, the aroma will go through your nose and breathe out....

Yum yum!!!

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