Thursday, April 12, 2012

TGIF Vegan Music

TGIF Vegan Music
Have you heard of Vegan music? Me neither! This Japanese guy is so talented that he made his musical instruments out of vegetables!!! It must have some weight loss effects I figure!!

Saint Patrick' day (did you notice the woman behind the Prince looked sooo interesting;)))

Tea House  (great for getaway!!!)
Flying penguin, UFO (do you believe UFO stories?)
The Long Walk (I walked 10 miles last weekend!!!)
Best Friends (who is your best friend)
What month is January
Shopping dress code

How cool is that-you can play with your instruments then eat them with pepper and salt!!!

And he made more....It seems all his vegan musical instruments function pretty well!!

So this weekend, when you shop for foods, you have some ideas in your mind already!!! and it's entertaining, if you can really play!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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