Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Healthy recipes Banana Ice Cream (banana, yogurt, oat, cranberries)

My friend just told me he works like a dog....Quick question-everyone says, "man, I work like a dog!" Well, can anybody tell me if any dogs work in the US? Come on! Everybody pampers And that's an insult to a dog!! I couldn't figure out why "work like a dog" means busy!! can anybody help me resolve this? My dog never worked! so "work like a dog" to me sounds more like "I love to be pampered!"...but nobody would understand my English then;((

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Ice cream is your love?;)) It's mine!! I feel it calms me down when I'm irritated! Seriously!! Guess what, it does "cool down"!!

15 years ago in Beijing, I remember I paid roughly $10 for a small cup of Haagen Daze ice cream at a local hotel!! I loved it so much that I normally bought at least 2 big boxes of Haagen Daze ice cream in certain time when I moved here. Until one day, I read a report that many companies use varieties of chemical compounds in ice cream, to create a consistent and creamy ice cream...I know chemicals are every where. That's why I cook a lot-for my own health!!

I actually do not know what I should call this's more like frozen banana, with a little bit sophistication...

Benefits-good for the mouth;)) Great for Summer party! rich in fibers!!

Tea pairing-black tea, Jasmin green tea.
3 ripe bananas
1 cup Greek Yogurt

 3 oz oat flakes, roasted
2 oz dried cranberries, chopped

 1. cut bananas in 1 inch pieces.
2. transfer the banana pieces to mini cupcake paper cup. Use Greek yogurt to cover the banana, then spread some roasted oat flakes and dried cranberries.
3. freeze until completely frozen, at least 3 hours.

Note-I used few ribbons to tie each ice cream to create a style...what style? ice cream style;)) it does look nicer though!!
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