Sunday, January 15, 2012

Healthy Recipes-Banana Orange Ice Pop (sugarless, dairyless, eggless, saltless, vegan)

Did you sense the coldness last weekend? I bet you did!! It happened I had to drive to the local Fedex office to and....boy,it was cold!!! This is real winter!!

But compared to the weather where I grew up, North East of China, the winter here in the US is much warmer. I grew up in some where close to Russia, not too far from Syberia and Mongolia. Winter in that area normally lasts over 6 months, like Alberta in Canana, but it does not snow much. How cold? Let me give you an example. when you spit outside, it gets frozen immediately. Kids spit and put the fireworks on top then light up for fun in holidays! It works beautifully!

Despite the severe cold weather in Winter, ice pops are very popular in winter time in that region.
There's one particular style I loved so much, called 雪糕,冰砖 in Chinese (North), "Snow Cake" or "Iced brick" in English (direct translation). The "snow cake" looks really like a piece of cake made with snow, soft, creamy, ivory color, easy to take a bite and....simply delicious!!! I saved every penny just to buy the best "snow cake" whenever I wanted.

I got this recipe from Countryliving
Benefits: eggless, saltless, dairyless, purely natural and, a vegan recipe!! No extra sugar added!
Dried Orange skin is called 陈皮 in Chinese. It's a Chinese medicine. 陈皮 is believed to help adjust Chi (or Qi) and good for Spleen.

It tastes very refreshing, very savory, and tart after tastes. Great aroma from orange zest and vanilla soy milk. Banana add creamy texture to the ice pop.

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Ingredients (makes roughly 24 mini muffin ice pops)

4 ripe bananas
1 orange (for orange zest)
2 cup orange juice
1 cup vanilla soy milk
3 tbsp lime juice

1. Clean the orange skin with water and use a grater to get fresh orange zest. If you do not have orange, I guess you can use lemon to replace or even Lime zest.  You can eat the rest of the orange. That's what I do every time-I eat up everything left. No trash here!

2. Cut bananas into small pieces, such as 1/2 inches cube or mash it, depends on how you like it. I cut them into 1/2 inches pieces. When you bite, you can see the banana and taste it.

3. Mix Orange juice, soy milk, lime juic, and orange zest together then add the banana pieces to mix evenly.

4. Bring 2 mini muffin baking trays (I used metal trays, but highly recommend silicon muffin tray instead. It's much easier to take the ice pop off after frozen) and 24 sticks. Pour the liquid into the backing trays evenly. Put them in refrige to freeze for about 1 hour, or until it becomes slightly firm. Put the sticks in each mini muffin before the ice pops are completely frozen.

I used the stainless steel mini spoons I bought recently. I found them lovely and made beautiful presentation. Besides, it's absolutely GREEN because you can use the spoons again and again.

What's your favorite ice pop?

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