Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alcoholic drinks recipes-Light Alcoholic Sin City Green Tea Punch (Stevia)

I made my first Lightly Alcoholic Blooming Tea Punch and everyone loved it!!! This drink is inspired by a recipe from "The Ultimate Guide to Pitcher Drinks" by Sharon Tyler Herbst.  I always love orange juice, my top beverage whenever I go to restaurant!! Not tea? you may ask. Nah...I do not drink any tea served in restaurant;)) Kinda picky;)) I went to Mitsuwa few weeks ago and bought few bottles of Sake. Today I finally figure out ways to use them!

Sake is a rice wine, very popular alcohol drinks in Japan. Normally people use hot water to warm the Sake first so that the aroma can come out. My grandpa used to drink some Sake. I was the one who helped him warm the liquor;)

Why this drink is called "Sin City"? Let me ask you this, have you watched the Sex In The City (2008) lately? I did it last night-Carri finally was having a wedding ceremony with Mr. Big, but he did not show up!! Such a drama!! What was he thinking?;)) Anyway, I really enjoyed watching the show.

Isn't there a lot of sin in the big cities-sex and drinks, etc;)) Yeah, that's it!

  • It do not have tons of sugar added (less sin)
  • Very little alcohol content makes it fit for most of people (more less sin, but still sin)
  • rich in Vitamine C and antioxidants! (much better!)

Ingredients: roughly 20 servings (6 oz /ea)

36 oz cranberry juice
24 oz orange juice
48 oz green tea (strong)
8 oz sake
1 oz Vodka
2 tbsp Stevia
2-3 oranges

1. Brew green tea. Let it sit roughly10-15 minutes to make it strong
2. Mix orange juice, cranberry juice, green tea, stevia, vodka and Sake. Sir well.
3. Put in fridge for at least 5 hours to chill.
4. When serve, slice few oranges floating on top to add some aroma and presentation. 

Have you ever used tea to make drinks?
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