Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tea Lifestyle: Tea Cosy-Tea and knitting

I found knitting is very soothing and relaxing! It brings my memory back (Am I getting olde?), the time I spent with my family. My two grandmas and mom were super good at knitting.

In Chinese tradition, skills like knitting, sewing and cooking were so important that women could not find a man if they could not knit, or cook well.

When I was young, I loved knitting very much. It became an "addiction". Knitted many wool pants for my family in Winter breaks after school!! I also designed few sweaters-all hand made!!

I love everything hand-made. Went to Michaels the other day and could not help buy some yarns! I also bought few craft books which include knitting instructions. Hopefully I can find some tea cosy knitting pattern.

I know I do not have much time knitting these days and it's cheaper to buy a one! I always wanted a hand made tea cosy which perfectly fits my teapots and is colorful as well. Believe or not, I just could not find it!!

And...knitting goes perfectly well with tea!! I spent the whole afternoon knitting and had 4 cups of green tea!!! a lot of bath room runs;)) ha!

Got half way through. Will show off once done!!

Do you knit? show me your stuff;))

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