Friday, December 30, 2011

Healthy Recipes-Orange Matcha Ice Cream (eggless, sugarless, saltless and really easy)!!

Have you ever tried Turkish Ice cream? No? That's the only thing everybody needs to try before the end of the world! I'm not kidding! Turkish Ice cream is hand made, chewy, with light coffee flavors, the BEST ever!! The vendor will even further impress you with their final friendly and fun trick, like shown in this video from

I had a chance to try Turkish Ice Cream when I was at the 2009 World Expo in Shanghai, China. Ho Ho Ho, completely fell in love with it! It was very crowded in the Turkish hall at the expo and the line was miles long!!! Otherwise I would buy a dozen!!

Have to satisfy my quest for "the end of world" dessert today!! My recipe is really easy!! The ice cream alone does not have any sugar added. It comes with great aroma, from vanilla and orange zest. Lime juice adds nice acid taste to it. Green tea Matcha gives this ice cream a nice kick at the end! Can you tell from the picture that I actually used a Premium quality matcha-the color is tender and bright green!!! Best ingredients make the best food!!

Benefits-eggless, saltless, no need to heat, no chemicals added, much less calories and cholestrol!!!

Tea can just finish it without pairing any tea! Oh, Matcha is one!

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Ingredients: (roughly 5 servings)

2 cups Vanilla Silk Soy Milk
1 cup Orange Juice
1-1/2 oz Lime juice
4 tbsp Greek Plain yogurt
1 Orange for orange zest

Roasted Pecan
Green tea-Matcha


1. Grate the Orange to get freshly grated Orange zest.
2. Mix all ingredients in a medium bowl
3. Turn on your icecream maker and pour the liquid in!! It takes roughly 30 minutes or until ready.

4. When serve, drizzle some honey, add some pecan and dust some matcha on top!!!

Because the ice cream does not have any addictives, it's fluffy, easy to get melt. Perfect if serve immediately!!!
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