Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tea 101-How to care for teapots

Of course everybody knows how to use teapot!! It's no brainer! That's why no teapot comes with any instruction;)) But wait, do not be surprised if grandma uses it to water flowers! It works!

Stainless steel teapots are more of modern invention. Most of teapots we use today are made from clay, glass, China, or pottery. I love all of them.

Some times I have clients and customers asking me to send them teapot top replacement for their glass teapots . Why? Someone broke the top while using the teapot. I have the same issue-did not pay attention while pouring the tea into tea cup. Oops, I dropped the top! Well, if you can find a replacement, you are a lucky bird!! If antique, forget it! And your teapot will become worthless with a broken top.

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Here are some tips for your teapots in general:

1. Use small teapots-easy to finish your freshly brewed favorite cup of tea on time. no need to worry leftover tea. Many people prefer larger teapots. Brew one pot of tea that can be drunk for a whole day. It's actually not a good habbit. First, the tea will get cold if brew for too long time. Second, tea becomess very strong over time. Third, many times you can not finish it if using large teapots; Forth, leave stains when tea sitting in teapot for hours.

2. Rinse, clean teapots right after finish-This will avoid any stains on teapot. You can also use dishwasher to clean it. Make sure to put your teapot on top layer. I normally do hand wash-quick and easy. Avoid any potential damages, especially for expensive teapots.

3. Use soft tissues or soft cloth to dry it. This help keep the surface from being scratched and shining.

4. If stained, baking soda is one of the best cleaning options so far-odder free, no scratches left on the surface of teapot, regardless of what materials your teapot is made from, no residuals, and environmental friendly!! Even if your teapot has odder, it can help remove it!

5. Protect teapot top with ribbon or fishwire. Unless you have a stainless steel/plastic/silicon/wood top, sometimes the lid can fall off. Some China or pottery teapots come with a special design which help provent the lid sliding. But it seems it does not work too well when you lean the teapot in a staight angle. sometimes it does not work at all.

You can find this type of top for China and pottery teapot all the time. The unique design does help prevent the lid fall, but only to certain extent.

This is the only design so far I found very helpful.

Even if you completely put the teapot upside down, the lid is solidly stay with the teapot!!

Most glass teapots come with glass lid. It makes the design consistent and beautiful. To prevent to top fall off, you can use anything available to tie the top together with the handle. I have some leftover ribbons from Christmas today. The colorful ribbon compliments the teapot and create a beautiful addtion to the teapot and drinking experiences. You can also use transparent fishing wire to tie it. Be creative!!

If you are a skilled crafter, you can even make it fancier by brading the thin ribbon and create your own style. I bought this teapot in China and the owner created the cute design for me.

I love all teapots I bought and try my best to keep them in good shape!!

Do you have any novel ideas to share?

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