Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tea Lifestyle: 5 cool ways to use your teapots-party favors (part 5)

Labor day was over. The real labor days start!
Say you invite friends and family to your home for a tea part. Here are some tips for your party design:
1. Creatively use small glass teapots, ie, you can hang them on the trees.
2. Since it's a tea party, you can use mini tea cups, such as the Angel tea cups below as name tag holders.
Or put some M&Ms in the little cups to add some colors to your party!
Or, use as a party give-away! These mini cups are adorable and not expensive. Who doesn't want to be remembered?
3. Can't host a tea party without serving teas, right? use the simply designed glass teapots and they will only add the "clean and elegant touch" to your party. Think about aligning the glass teapots filled with tea in the middle of the table...very inviting and pretty, isn't it?
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