Monday, September 12, 2011

Health: Food color vs Weight losses

Someone sent me an article about Food colors vs Weight losses. The article says that when your favorite foods come out in your least favorite colors, you tend to eat less thus you can lose weight.

I do not find this a true statement.

For example. Take a look at the picture below and tell me your reaction when you first see it?

My first glance was " heavy, stressful, looks like someone's p?p?". Two days later, i still found the art work looks "heavy, but not too bad" it looks more like yummy curry chicken. Love it!!;))

Imagine mashed potato in blue. Ewww! when you first see it. If you dare to try it the second time, WOW it tastes so good! Then next time blue is your favorite color for mashed potato!!

Do you think food color matters? what's your story?

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