Monday, December 12, 2011

Potluck with non profit folks for Christmas

I have been supporting Young Science Achievers Program for years. Today we few mentors met together and had a wonderful Holiday Potluck Lunch together. It was a small group and we had a great conversation!! We talked about many interesting things, such as kids at school, kids on Facebook, new style TV, cell phone, privacy (do we have any left?)), social networking (which keeps everyone busy, huh?;)), cloud (yeah! heard of it? always cloudy!), and the next big thing, etc...Do I sound very geek?;))) I was a nerdy, only at today's lunch;)))

I made Mango Red wine Chicken Drumsticks this morning. When I got there, the dish was still very warm!! Great aroma from the red wine!!

Cooked some broccoli

Whole Wheat Banana cake with Olive Oil. It comes with a banana topping! Of course, I brought some special Oolong with me!! It was the top grade Oolong ($$$$) my dear friend specially made for her clients. I bought two pounds, one pound for me and another pound for my parents!

One mentor said to me, what? it costs you that much for this tea? No wonder you kept staring at me, I had one cup after another, probably 6 cups! You were nervously counting, weren't you? hahahahaha;)))) so cute!!

Someone brought some Jewish foods while others brought Polish foods!! Everything was delicious as you can expect!!

Have you ever had any potluck event? what did you cook?

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