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Healthy Recipes-Apple Cocoa Smoothies (sugarless, eggless, diaryless, saltless, vegan)

I always have hard time to eat fruits. Just do not like anything sweet much, probably because I grew up in the North. Salty food is more common than sweet stuff. That's probably why Southern recipes are always rich in sugar, because that's what they have;)))

Because I do not eat sweet food, I do need to keep my blood sugar balanced. Fruits can help me achieve it. Good about fruits is that many fruits have more fructose, or fruit sugar, instead of sucrose (mainly from sugarcane). The two are different...

Remember the commercial-"Sugar are sugar, your body can not tell the difference"...??

Your body can, trust me!!

Then why the commercials say differently? urhhhh, people who create that advertisement probably are from Mars...Marsians take sugar in, and poop sugar out...And they are not statistically included as part of earth census on so their conclusion of sugar does not count. Or,  they do not want to tell, like Paula Deen.... Anyway, it's up to "you" as what to eat, not the commercials.

Orange Matcha Ice Cream
Whole Wheat Orange Biscuit
Banana Orange Ice Pop
Simple Cinnamon Sweet Potato
Flower in ice
Quinoa Salad
Fruit bowl for New Year Eve dinner
Whole Wheat Banana Olive Oil Cake

Benefits-Smoothies recipes for kids!! sugarless, eggless, diaryless, completely vegan!!

Some great data about Apple from USDA

From the tables above, you can see Apple contains quite a bit Fructose, which, based upon my study (not yours, not somebody eles), does not impact the insulin level.

However, that does not mean you should eat 2 pounds of apple or drink 1 gallon of fructose syrup per day!!
Nutrition balance is the key for a healthy and happy life!!

 1 Fuji Apple
1 cup Vanilla soy milk (unsweetened, I always buy organic)
1/2 tsp cocoa powder

Topping (optional)
Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa, extra bitter, chopped), dried cranberry (chopped) and pecan (chopped)

1. Heat the soy milk quickly on stove to make it slightly hot (roughly 140-150F), not boiling.

2. Wash the Fji Apple and cut it into pieces so that you can put them in a food blender.

You can peal off the skin, but I always love the skin. There's a good reason to eat the skin, as stated on the University of Illinois website:

It is a good idea to eat apples with their skin. Almost half of the vitamin C content is just underneath the skin. Eating the skin also increases insoluble fiber content. Most of an apple's fragrance cells are also concentrated in the skin and as they ripen, the skin cells develop more aroma and flavor.

I remember when I was very young, I barely had any fruits to eat. Because I was sick all the time, my parents sometimes bought me some apples to boost my appetite. My sister and brother always said, let me help you peal off the skin...then half of the apple was gone;(((

Did your sisters, brothers ever do that to you when you were young?

2. Add the heated vanilla soy milk, plus cocoa powder, then press "Liquefy" for about 1 or 2 minutes.

3. Pour the mixture into a cup. Add a little bit topping or without....That's your easy-breezy breakfast!!!

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