Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Healthy recipes-Flower in ice (Green tea ice cubes, sugarless, eggless, saltless, vegan)

I finally found where to buy fresh edible flowers-Whole Foods!!! They are soo pretty, cute and with absolutely great aroma, especially the rosie!! It's actually organic edible flowers.

There are thousands of thousands of different kinds of flowers in nature, but only very few are edible. How precious is that!!

My hometown Harbin is worldly well-known for its ice sculpture festival. Colorful lights are installed in the big ice bricks to create wonder land kind of scene at night!!

(photo via

Sometimes artist add special colors, vase, plants, or animal lights into to the big ice cubes to make creative culptures.

The other day I found some pictures of flowers in ice cubes on martha steward wedding. Imagine you have flowers ice cubes in your iced tea? how cool is that!

Benefits-good for the eye and....mouth!!! clean and anti-inflammationary...many flowers are anti inflammationary. Eat as many colors as you can in your food selection!!

Tea pairing-green iced tea or fruit juice punch (light color)-what a beautiful iced tea ever!!!

Fresh edible flowers 1 box (small)
green tea (lightly brewed)

1. Brew green tea and chill in refridge for at least 2 hours. Or you can brew green tea very strong then add cold water to dilute and cool it down. I prefer lightly brewed green tea. After frozen, flowers in ice cubes are more visible as compared to in strong green tea ice cubes.
2. place fresh flowers in the ice cube mode. Pour green tea into the mode. All flowers will float on the surface.

They are not ice cubes, they are flower gems!!!

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