Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon-Heart Chinese dumplings

Photo via mieng Saetia
Chinese new year celebration normally lasts very long, more than 1 month, starting from the last week of Dec (lunar calendar) until the end of lunarJanuary. There are different activities/pray in each day people need to do in order to receive good fortune and be safe for the whole year. See, it's not easy to beat the beast and have fortune, right? It requires a lot of efforts!!

Photo via JWLphotography
The whole family normally stay until mid night. In tradition, daughters/sons would knea down, knocking heads on the floor and saying "Happy New Year", "Wish you a healthy and foretunate year" to parents/grandparents.  Then they would offer "red envelopes" ($$$$, yeah, besides gifts;)). For a kid, that was the most exciting moment in the whole year!! And that's the "costs" of being parents for holidays!!

photo via Chris Radley

Where's my red envelope this year?;((( really miss it!!

One of the most important food for Chinese New Year is the Chinese dumplings.  In North, we call it, 饺子 (or jiaozi in pinyin). Chinese culture is very symbolic and almost everything has meanings. Same with dumplings.  The shape of dumplings looks more like the old styled money-gold!! Then you know why people love dumplings!! When my mom prepared new year eve dumplings, sometime she "hid" few quarter coins (cleaned). When anybody bit it, that means he or she would get a foretune this year. My father normally was the person who got most coins...not only because he was lucky, but also he ate a lot;)))

 I took a short cut this year. Instead of making fresh dumpling skins, I bought a bag of eggrolls. Use cookie cutters to cut different shapes

 You can get recipe here


You can make few heart shape, round, or flowers, etc. You actually can boil them. I baked them this time so that they kept great shape.

I did not threw away the rest of eggrolls. Instead, I baked them in oven for about 5 minutes and made some chips. It's great for snack food!

Whoes face is this one? Looks like my dog....or a bird?

With sun glasses

Doesn't it look like someone sleeping?

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