Friday, February 3, 2012

Superbowl Recipes-A healthy and Alcoholic version

Superbowl!!! yelling, screaming, #$#%^@, and....FUN!! Not bad! Well, the game itself pretty much can get your blood going. Wanna a better idea? Alcoholic tea is the answer!! Try our signature Lightly Alcoholic Blooming Tea Punch

Light Alcoholic Sin City Green Tea Punch (Stevia) : look sophisticated and yum yum!! It makes your scream last longer and sounds more interesting! yeah, I tested for neighbor always knock my door afterwards to ask what's going on! They could not figure out what's that exciting!

Who said superbowl food should always be chicken wings? Wings make you fly high (for what), but chicken thighs make your run faster! it?

You gonna try this Easy Dumplings  It tastes sooo goodie! when serve, make sure to cut them in quarter size pieces!! Something that gives you the energy to sit on the couch and be tough, like Giant!! 

If you are a veggie like me (i'm a faux one), try this Vegetarian Pizza !! Gonna have something named "Pizza" for superbowl!!! and a veggie superbowl-mellow outside and witty inside!! How do you like that?!


too stuffed? try this Sweet Potato Coconut Snow balls...You can also throw it to each other and have some fun! Practice practice practice!!

How about this one-Fruit bowl. In case you did not win, at least you have had a "bowl" !! The most important thing is participation, and the rest is meaningless, except $$$$! Agree?

You need this one!! Have you been around with someone who eats pop corn? Smells good, huh? when someone chew the crunchy Rice Crispy treats, the aroma from the popped rice makes you....smell sexy!!! yeah, that's what I meant!!

too too too stuffed? you need more exercise to get more room for desserts!! I remember my friends always just after dinner so that he could eat more ice cream. He said, when I jump, all food will go to my belly and my stomache will be empty...Warning, this is NOT a good idea. Don't try it at home...But ice cream does get melted in your stomache and flow cool you down!

 More beautiful Flower in ice cubes for your ice tea!!

Almost over? NOOO...Superbowl is never over!! How about pop!!

Can you still move;))

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Enjoy the wonderful weekend my dear!!!
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