Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alcoholic recipes-Love addicts (Pu Erh)

My friend invited me to do a test and found that I am a love addict!! Why? Because I have few "maybe"symptoms described below. I remember when I was young, whenever my sister was sick, I would tell my parents I had the similar symptoms too, to get more attention and eat yum food! Sometimes it worked, but most of time it did not;((
Here's the criteria based upon Love Addicts Org: If you can answer yes to more than a few of the following questions, you are probably a love addict. Remember that love addiction comes in many forms, so even if you don’t answer yes to all of the questions you may still be a love addict.

Lightly Alcoholic Tea Punch
Light Alcoholic Sin City Green Tea Punch (Stevia)
Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats
Mango Drumsticks with Red Wine
Apple Cocoa Smoothies (sugarless, eggless, diaryless, saltless, vegan)
Fish Salad (with Pu Erh)
  1. You are very needy when it comes to relationships.
  2. You fall in love very easily and too quickly.
  3. When you fall in love, you can’t stop fantasizing—even to do important things. You can’t help yourself.
  4. Sometimes, when you are lonely and looking for companionship, you lower your standards and settle for less than you want or deserve.
  5. When you are in a relationship, you tend to smother your partner.
  6. More than once, you have gotten involved with someone who is unable to commit—hoping he or she will change.
  7. Once you have bonded with someone, you can’t let go.
  8. When you are attracted to someone, you will ignore all the warning signs that this person is not good for you.
  9. Initial attraction is more important to you than anything else when it comes to falling in love and choosing a partner. Falling in love over time does not appeal to you and is not an option.
  10. When you are in love, you trust people who are not trustworthy. The rest of the time you have a hard time trusting people.
11. When a relationship ends, you feel your life is over and more than once you have thought about suicide because of a failed relationship.
12. You take on more than your share of responsibility for the survival of a relationship.
13. Love and relationships are the only things that interest you.
14. In some of your relationships you were the only one in love.
15. You are overwhelmed with loneliness when you are not in love or in a relationship.
16. You cannot stand being alone. You do not enjoy your own company.
17. More than once, you have gotten involved with the wrong person to avoid being lonely.
18. You are terrified of never finding someone to love.
19. You feel inadequate if you are not in a relationship.
20. You cannot say no when you are in love or if your partner threatens to leave you.

There are pletty remedies available:
Strung Out on Love and check in for treatment
Love addiction -- how to break it                 

I'm totally inspired by the list and create this remedy-Light Alcoholic Love addict Pu Erh Punch!! (Warning: talk to your psychologist before taking this drink!!) It does make me feel better after few cups!!

I call it remedy, so you need to drink more!!!!;))

Benefits-Do you know mint actually is good for your throat? Another thing good is, Using honey instead of sugar makes it less "disturbing" to insulin...It tastes very light, but savory, very refreshing!!
That's the smell and taste of love, always refreshing, while rich in flavor!!

Tea-Pu Erh
Ingredients: (total 170 oz, roughly 20-30 servings)
12-1/2 cup Pu-Erh tea (unfermented)
5 cups of cranberry juice
1/2 cup honey
1-1/4 cup vodka
1 cup fresh mint leaves, extra for garnish

Optional: ice cubes

1. Brew 12-1/2 cups of Pu Erh tea. Add the fresh mint leaves and honey while still hot. Stir to allow the honey melt. Brew for about 5-8 minutes. Take all the mint leaves out. Mix in Vodka.
2. Chill in refridge for at least 5 hours.
3. when serve, garnish with mint leaf.

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