Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Healthy Recipes-Matcha Yogurt Raspberries

I was talking to a friend who grew up in a farm in Michigan. His boss-his father, asked his brother and him to pick up raspberries in summer time when he was young. It sounds fun, right? Not too much fun if you get scratches from the bushes, especially in summer time. Raspberries are specially delicate which makes it very difficult to pick. I bought some organic Raspberries at Whole Foods.

Raspberry nutrition facts from
You actually can grow Raspberry in your backyard!! I wish I could do it...;((( I found a website where you can get perfect info about how to grow Raspberries.

This recipe is inspired by Chocolate filled Raspberries which you can find on the web all over the place, such as Very culinary, etc.

I like to wash all fruits before eat, regardless, even organic ones. Raspberries are so delicate that I can not even use water to rinse them. What I did is gentlely drop the raspberries in water for few minutes then dump the water. Put them in a paper towl to dry.

Benefits-Great snack food for kids and parents!! Fresh ingredients, rich in vitamines, low calories, perfect for afternoon tea!! So simple that everybody can do it!!

Tea pairing-green tea, herbal tea, black tea or Pu Erh

4 tbsp plain greek yogurt
1/2 tsp matcha green tea powder
1 box of fresh raspberries (I do not remmeber the weight, but normally the volume sold at supermarket)



1. Mix the plain yogurt with matcha green tea powder in a medium bowl
2. Use a knife to scoop some of the mixture of matcha and yogurt and fill in the raspberries.
3. When ready to serve, place all matcha green yogurt filled raspberries in a plate and drizzle some honey.

Easy and healthy, huh?

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