Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Recipes-Mint Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (last minute recipe)

Why everybody eats Chocolate dipped strawberries in Valentine's day? I do not know. Maybe strawberry looks like a heart (who doesn't heart strawberry?!!). I think everybody knows why gentlemen always give Chocolate gifts to their lovers in Valentine's day. In the early time, when chocolate candy first was made, it was considered divine and expensive. Of course classic gentlemen always present the most precious gifts to their lovers in Valentine's day. But I'd still rather have dimond, if the same price! Ha!!

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I went to the Wholefoods today and bought some organic strawberries. They look just fabulous!!! You probably can find recipes for Chocolate dipped straberries everywhere. I found this recipe from Joy of cooking.

Benefits-make you happy!! That's good enough, isn't it? But I would eat with moderation..;)

Tea pairing-Green tea

8 oz dark chocolate
8 oz milk chocolate chips
2 tbsp butter (room temperature)
1/2 tsp mint extract
1 pound strawberries with green leaves

1. Insert toothpick into the tops of each strawberry.
2. Cut chocolates into small pieces so that it can get melted quickly. Put chocolate and butter in a small glass bowl.
3. Heat some water in a small pot. and put the glass bowl on top of the pot. (Make sure the small bowl can be put on top of the small pot without sinking in). Stir quickly until the mixture gets smooth. add the mint extract.
4. Dip strawberries in the mixture quickly. Turn the straberries upside down and push the toothpicks into a foam. Wait until Chocolate completely cool down and ready to serve.

1. In the beginning, I used fresh mint leaves for coating, but was not successful. That's why I switched to mint extract.
2. Make sure to move fast when you dip.
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