Thursday, February 9, 2012

TGIF-The Long walk

I honestly do not know what happened in this picture....Have you heard of +Christoph Rehage? no? Neither do I. I was just browsing online and found this picture-One of the "crying babies" in picture is named Chris Rehage!!

Based upon the video and his own website, The Longest Way, Chris walked from Beijing to Urumuqi, China, over 4000 miles...This is an amazing video!! Love it!!!

TGIF-Snow dog
TGIF-What month is January
TGIF-Weekend plan
Watch out! Granny hits the car;))
TGIF-a FUN photo: Who is this?;)

I do not know why he decided to take such a long walk but I'm sure he made the record in life!! May be he is happier after have seen the desert, the poor, the pain, and the simple happiness from each individual he met on his way, whether they can speak English or not, not to mention the numerous help he received during his trip....

Life is so precious!!

Chris, Are you there yet?;)) it seems you stopped?
photo and video via Chris Rehage

Tea Lovers, What's your weekend plan? No plan yet? How about walking 100 miles?!! I'm with ya!!;)) See ya in LA!

Oh, by the way, I heard there's no good tea in LA! Or can you find one for me? I mean a GOOD quality one!!

Will you march for love? Have  a wonderful weekend tea lovers!!!

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