Friday, May 25, 2012

Healthy Recipes Mojito fruit (Green tea, Rum, Melons)

Did you read the story on NY Times-The image of a boy's pat on Obama's head hangs in White house? It was a touching story! And people react differently:

L. : Well, it's better than when Clintion went around saying "Touch it!"

Elze: Anybody else notice a presidents hair is ALWAYS a lot whiter when they leave office opposed to when they came in office?

Bradly: I was raised in an all black area, and as a young boy I remember feeling the black friends of mine's hair and they would curiously feel my straight red hair. Kids have it all figured out...we're all just different... not better than one another. It's adults that have no sense on the race issue and ALL other issues for that matter. No wonder Jesus said that unless people become like a child ...they will receive no favor from heaven.
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Love May! It's the end of Spring, the beginning of Summer! And the endless sizzling BBQ makes my mouth watering. I found this recipe on Taste of Home

4 cup melon balls (honeydew, seedless watermelon, Persian melon)
2 cup green tea, brewed and chilled
3 oz Rum
1 tbsp+1tsp Stevia powder
3 tbsp Agave
4 Fresh lime
2 oz Mint leaves (or adjust to taste)

Extra mint leaves for garnish


1. Cut the limes in half then squeeze the juice out into a medium bowl. Add tea, rum, stevia, agave, mint leaves. Mix well. Add all melon balls. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and put it in refrigerate overnight. If you like to do something quick, like me, you can use a wood spoon to muddle the mint leaves until fragrant. Then add the melon balls.
2. Transfer the marinated melon balls into a pitcher. Let the pitcher sit in an iced bucket to keep it cool. When serve, garnish with extra mint leaves.
 That's it!!!

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