Friday, August 14, 2009

Stand out at the Fancy Food Show

This Fancy Food Show has been an amazing experience for us as people love the quality of our blooming teas.

The absolutely fancy story about blooming tea is actually the materials used and how it is made. For example, one of the uniqueness of Tea Fame collection is the silver needle green tea plucked from over 2500 feet high mountains.

Most of famous teas grow in remote mountains where there's no road even. Tea farmers need to climb miles to pluck the leaves. Normally there are only few days a year to pluck the best quality leaves. Within the few days, there are a couple of hours best for plucking. And it can not be any rainny day!

Each person can only pluck max few pounds of fresh leaves per day. Regardless of variety of teas, roughly 4 to 5 KG (roughly 11 pounds) of fresh leaves can make 1 kg (2.2 pounds) dried tea leaves! Since Tea Fame is made of single tea buds, it needs even more fresh leaves to make 1 KG dried leaves.

After the tea is processed, the final stage is to select the best leaves, strong, good looking, similar length, by hands to sew with flowers.

Yes, this is why we call it a RARE TEA! Purely love of labor!

Another thing to remember, 10 or 20 years later, we do not know if we still can get hand-made teas any more because less and less farmers are willing to do it!

The following video is from Fancy Food Show, the courtesy of PaulLin Media.

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