Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tea 101-Things you may not know about tea (part 1)

When I was very young, one of my best friends' father bought some "bubble candy" after a trip to Europe. "You can use it to make bubbles", she then showed me a big big bubble on her was soo pretty, pink bubble, pink skirt, with a pink ribbon on her hair! A group of boys always followed behind her every time she did the bubbles! She used to use her precious "bubble candy" in exchange for the best meals in the whole town!!

Never knew the "bubble candy" is used to fresh one's mouth until I moved to the US. Always thought it was a toy!! And it's called gum, not "bubble candy".

What did our ancestors chrew to fresh their mouth after having onion? I know Chinese used to chew tea leaves to remove bad odors from their mouth. That's what I learned from my grandpa.

Why, you may wonder?

Tea leaves can obsorb any smells and moisture in the air. That's why we need to store teas in a well-sealed jar and consume it quickly. One thing gum does not have, but tea HAS is fluorine, a natural component of tea. It helps prevent cavity.

You can actually put some tea leaves in your refrige as an odor remover! try it!!

One time I told a sale rep that tea can obsorb odors. He then said, Jane, can I put tea leaves in my shoes? Of course you can!! but do not drink it afterwards!! Remember that!! It would be euhhh.....

Put some tea leaves in your shose today and see what happens!! let me know how it goes;))

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