Friday, October 21, 2011

Tea Lifestyle: Non-sugar Recipes: Earl Gray Cranberry Jam

I love love seasonal foods which offer the best nutrition!! Nothing can compare the foods from the right season-fresh, flavorful, natural, the BEST! Did you notice veggie from green house does not taste the same as the ones grown in Summer!

I bought a bag of cranberries from Costco. After cleanning and throwing out the bad ones, I have two pounds left;-((( This is the benefit of cooking at home-you have the best quality and freshest ingredients. And the result? Your foods taste the best!!;))

I like  Heidi's 101 cookbooks, but normally make my own. I'm very hesitated to eat high calory foods, so I'd like my foods the healthiest one!! I replace sugar with Stevia in cooking. 

Benefits: low calories, no extra sugar added. Cranberry is ranked the top of 277 commonly consumed foods by USDA, in terms of ORAC score (Oxigen Radica Absorbtion Capacity). 


2 lb Cranberries
1-1/2 cups of Stevia (you can use slightly more if you have a sweet tooth)
1 tsp Tequila
1 tsp kahlua
1/2 cup strong earl Gray
1 ripe peach

1. clean cranberries and get rid of the bad ones. you can let it drained for a whole night. I use paper towl to dry it.

2. Put it in food processor-Liquefy for 30 seconds or longer. I prefer my jam creamy. It's also easier to cook.

3. Boil hot water to brew Earl Grey-3 tbsp Earl Grey with 1 cup of water. Brew 5 minutes.

4. Peel the skin of peach and use the back of spoon to mash it.

5. Mix well all the ingredients-Earl Gray tea, cranberries, liquors, stevia, peach all together in a non-stick pot. Put it on stove until boil then simmer until the jam becomes thick and creamy. Need to stir often to avoid getting burned at the bottom. 

That's it!! you can use this delicious Earl Grey Cranberry jam for many things-dipping sauces, cook fishes (I did last night and it was de-li-cious!), meat, BBQ (Oh yeah!), salads dressings, etc!!!

Wanna try it? Invite me to your party;)))

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