Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Are you a Double dose Tea Mastrrrr?

I got an email minutes ago:


I noticed on your profile on LinkedIn.com that your credentials include the designation "Certified Tea Master."  I would be interested in knowing how and where you obtained this designation.  The American Tea Masters Association is the owner of this trademark, and we go to great lengths to protect it.  To the best of my knowledge, you have never studied with us or participated in any of our training programs...."


I certainly never heard of this Chas nor such association...There are just too many world wide...

Not to disrespect this Chas on the internet, here's my response:

do you also own Certified Tea Mustor? Certified Tea Mastrrrr, Certified Tea Mstr??...No problem, my title actually is Certified Double Dose Tea Mastorrrr

Here's my linked in title now:

What's Double dose Tea Mstrrrrr (Pro)? you need to email me;))


After back and forth emails with this person, I requested his credentials about his certificates. So far,
1) he never responded with his credentials.
2)couldn't find any of his claimed Registered Trade Mark info on USPTO.gov . If Certified Tea Master is a registered trade mark like claimed, there should be a public record on USPTO website. But I can't find any. Anybody has any info, please email me INFO@TEABEYOND.COM.

I would like to trade in-Anybody who can answer the two questions above, i offer a full set of teapot and tea cups sets plus 100 grams (3 oz) of  premium Jasmine green tea! First come first serve-only two available.

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