Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Apple Jasmine tea iced sugar free stevia dairy free vegan

Almost the whole summer i drink jasmine iced tea! Love the aroma, and taste. Traditional Jasmine manufacturing process is a labor intensive one-need to make the green tea first, then mix tea leaves with freshly blossoming jasmine few times, until tea leaves obtain the nice aroma. Then dry it. It takes about one month to complete premium jasmine green tea process. If higher quality is desired, it takes even longer time and labor to make it.

By the way, do you know Jasmine flowers only open at night? workers pluck the jasmine flower buds in the afternoon. When Jasmine flowers open at night, tea leaves absorb the aroma. That's the basic principle of jasmine tea manufacturing process.
The jasmine tea we carry has outstanding aroma, best for iced tea!

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Benefits-the most important benefit (forget about nutrition),  is it makes the kisses taste so much better! I wont lie! This is particular true if someone you kiss is a tea drinker. Here's my plan-Monday, Jasmine kiss, Tuesday Oolong kiss, Wednesday Assam kiss....what a wonderful way to kiss again!

Besides, All of the mouth rinse products are full of chemicals! nothing natural! You agree? Jasmine tea is completely natural and delicious! it keeps your mouth smell like...your month with jasmine iced tea! I know I'm right!;) Everyone tried knows what I'm talking about!! Second, sure the nutrition-good source of antioxidants.

Free download the recipe here to help us stay paperless

Jasmine is widely used in aroma therapy, for its calming effect. It does help calm down the nerve! so when you are just about to scream at someone, drinks Jasmine iced tea next time!

For people who don't like to eat apple, this is a great way to enjoy this fruit. Apple add hint of fruity aroma, and sour sweet taste, and style!!! The finish is sweet with a little bit tangent.


        1. Add 25 oz water to the kettle. Turn on stove. Heat the water until boiling. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes
        2. Meanwhile get the teapot and tea ready on the counter. Add the jasmine tea leaves to the strainer then pour the water over the leaves. Wait about 10-11.59 minutes, until you see the liquid becomes gold color. Right now the aroma should be full length! Don't just open the teapot lid yet. Add the stevia powder and stir until dissolve.

 3.  Get the pitcher ready. Fill it with some ice cubes first. Then add few Apple slices. add more ice cubes, more apple slices until the pitch is full.  I like to steal few ice cubes sometimes while making my iced tea. can't help-just love the crunching noise;)

        4. Pour the freshly brewed jasmine green tea over the ice cubes. Most of glass pitchers are not made of heat resistant glass thus can't handle high temperature water. when you pour the hot jasmine tea over ice cubes, the temperature drops immediately in the pitcher and avoid breaking it. 
         5. Shake a bit to allow temperature even in the pitcher. What to wait? Ready to drink! That should be the start of your tea part!
        Let me know how your Jasmine iced tea kisses going? or what kisses you have today?;))

        Muah Muah, to all of you, Jasmine kisses today!

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