Thursday, July 5, 2012

Healthy Recipe Naturally flavored iced tea (Grapefruit, lime, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free)

Mark Twain said, Americans are hot, but not as hot as the weather!!! Oh, Mark is my neighbor, an immigrant from Mexico;-) Twain is not an Mexican name? Is there any difference between English and Spanish?

I said to my accountant the other day, it's so hot outside!! What did you do to the weather?
Mark said, Probably the New Zealand's cows fart too much... drink lots lots lots of iced tea!
Of course, I never stop drinking iced tea every day!!

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There are many iced teas to choose in the market, but I'm a healthy girl-everything has to be super nut-ural~~~, fresh, rich in nutrition!! And OMG Kardashian free!!;)) By the way, I didn't know Kim's father was O.J. Simpson's lawyer. It's easy to find artificially flavored and sweetened tea at any super market. I want something fresh, healthy, nutritious, tastes GOOD, and make me productive NOW!...anyone help please?? You mean RTD?  Sounds like some sexually transmitted disease. Unless I travel or can not find the tea I want, I normally don't drink bottled tea. There are reasons. I will write about it in the future.

I wrote about how to make iced green tea in 10 minutes 100 years ago, kidding! Summer means there are lots lots lots of fruits and veggie to choose and that's wonderful! We need to take advantage of that. Instead of drinking those artificially chemical flavored tea, we can make naturally flavored tea, in our own choices!!

Benefits-one word FRESH and DELICIOUS!

3 cup hot brewed green tea (strong)
8 cup ice cube
1/2 grapefruit, sliced with skin attached
1 lime, sliced


1. Brew the hot green tea first.
2.Add the sliced fruits to the pitcher then pour in the hot tea over the fruits. Make sure the pitcher glass is heat resistant so that it can handle the hot tea. Let it sit for about 3 minutes.
3. Add the iced cubes then mix well. Ready to serve immediately.

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