Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Olympics!!

2012 Olympics via

It surely was a wonderful Olympic Opening ceremony, at least it adds smiles on people's faces, even if confused sometimes

I truly enjoyed watching it, given the fact that stadium was not completed until the last minute! Loved British humors!!!

Well, the Olympic five rings...Don't know what to say: What happens in London stays in London

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I think the opening ceremony is very successful, because it's very consistent with the logo design, kinda sexy...wait, is it just me or, but the logo does look....probably just me...what was I thinking!

London Olympics Logo via

The design of Mascots is very cute. As I still try to learn English idioms, I finally figure out where "keep an eye on it" comes from!

London Olympics mascot via

 I see all Brits are very excited. This is what happens when Brits are excited!
London Olympics via

It's bit a heavy dress, but so beautiful and pro!

Congrats London!!

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