Friday, July 6, 2012

TGIF Marylin Einstein

This is a real American Idol, ever!! wait, who you see, Monroe or Albert? answer is Monroe. Let me show you the tricks here: you see Einstein first, right? look at it again. Still Einstein? look at again, very hard! still...? It means you are not working hard enough! look at the picture again and again and again until it becomes very blurry...That's it my dear friend! Now you have achieved the most desirable status in life, near sight!! Warning-please do not practice it alone at home.

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The benefits are multiples:

Everyone looks beautiful. Now you can say it truthfully, you are so handsome!
You can go to any bathroom you want cause the signs look the same to you
Congratulations! Now you are eligible for a loan to buy your first property-eye glasses

Here's the question:
If Einstein knew he looks like Monroe, what would he say? "Never believe your eyes..."
If Monroe was told she looks like Dr. Einstein? JFK said that's not true

Here's my conclusion:

Life is better with less vision
Pretty body can have better brains only if you you look harder

The Marylin Einstein hybrid image was created by Dr. Aude Oliva for the March 31st 2007 issue of New Scientist magazine. 
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