Sunday, July 1, 2012

Healthy Recipe Lemonade (green tea, honey, weight watcher, 10 mintes recipe, gluten free, dairy free)

 The biggest news last week was that Katie and Tom Cruise divorced, I mean by the numbers of comments. We all need it-something to chat about during work, something to search about at work, something to watch online while working and something to learn about Sciencology...

So when call your friends, instead of saying What's up, you'd say What's up with Katie and Tom, you know?

Anyho, Very lemon....ade! This is a special version of Lemonade, inspired by Katie's divorce from Tom Cruise....Some sort of sour, while lightly sweetened and icy cold tea!! Good for ya!

How to make iced blooming tea
How to make iced tea
Iced Mint Green tea

Daiquiri Fruit (stevia and green tea)
Mint muffin (banana, whole wheat flour, oat meal)
Fruit Kebab

Benefits-Lemon is rich in vitamin C!! Great for summer drink. In old times, Lemon were used to clean furniture! Do you know why people use the lemon wedges to wipe the glass edges before drinking? The strong acid from lemon can kill germs or bacteria. I do not know if this is true. My Italian friend one time told me this. Warn ya: Please confirm your Italian friends with this before proceed...

In addition, it's a great beverage for people who are on weight watch program!

Ingredients: Prep-10 minutes/servings 33 (you know why it's 33, right? )

33 cup ice cubes
26 cup hot brew green tea (medium)
3-1/2 cup lemon juic
2-1/2 cup honey

Optional-sliced lemon

if you do not have to serve many people, use this one: serving 10

10 cup ice cubes
8 cup hot brew green tea (medium)
1 cup lemon juice
3/4 cup honey


1. Hot brew green tea first. Add honey in while brewing. Stir evenly to melt honey. Wait roughly 10 minutes.
2. Fill the pitch with ice cubes.
3. Pour the hot green tea over ice when 10 minutes. Use an ice tea spoon to stir the liquid a bit.

Ready to serve immediately!!

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