Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Healthy recipe Strawberry Jam vegan gluten free

Summer is the best season for delicious fruits like strawberries! I one time bought a bag of frozen strawberries. It tastes not too bad, but it just doesn't taste yummy like the fresh ones.

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C (which tastes sour) and is a great weight loss fruit!! Great to know it huh? The sour tastes from Vitamin C stimulate our taste buds.

Free download recipe here

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 This recipe is very good for kids and seniors. Why?

1. It uses the freshest ingredients.
2. improve appetites. Summer time we do consume a lot of energy due to hot weather, but you may find you don't have much appetite for food. This recipe helps people get appetite, especially kids. When we get older, the taste buds are not as sensitive as before. Fruits like strawberries stimulate the taste buds.

3. well cooked. You would think for food, the more raw, the better? Think twice! Raw foods do have certain advantages as some nutrition is subject to high temperature. But, one thing to remember, the con of raw foods is that it could catch germs or bacterias easily due to high humidity and temperature in summer time.

This recipe can be used as topping for yogurt or ice cream.It can also be used as spread for bread, etc

Tea pairing: It pairs very well with black tea or Puerh

source www.self.com

I bought few packs of organic strawberries from Wholefoods last week when on sale.Even it's organic, I still like to rinse all strawberries thoroughly.

Free download recipe here 


3 cups strawberries chopped
3 tbsp blue agave
1 tsp stevia
1 tsp balsamic vinegar (my secrete!!)
1 tsp fresh lime juice (roughly half lime)

It makes about one and half or two cups of jam


1. Mix balsamic vinegar, lime juice, blue agave together, evenly.

2. Heat the pot. Add sliced strawberries and the mixture from step 1

 3. bring to boil, then keep the heat medium low, for about 20 minutes. no cover. Otherwise, it could spill. We always say time flies, but when you are making yum yum, 1 minute is long time;) I remember when my mom was cooking in kitchen, my sister and I asked my mom every 2 minutes, mom, it is ready yet? 
Some people stir while some don't. It wont burn at the bottom if you don't stir. I normally continue what I'm doing while making strawberry jam. 

4. Turn off the heat. Add Stevia. Stir well to make sure stevia dissolve evenly. Then use the potato masher to mash the chunk strawberries. After 20 minutes cooking, strawberries are melting. It's very easy to mash them. 

That's it!! I add some strawberry jam to my yogurt, pair it with my favorite black tea, Yum Yum, everyone!! That's my afternoon tea. What's yours?;))

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