Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to make Strawberry Frozen Yogurt NO sugar added

Hot hot hot and humid weather this summer! Too hot to handle this summer Drink iced tea every day now! The great part of summer is that there are so many different fresh fruits available! I bought some organic strawberries at Wholefoods the other day. Today I want to make something icy icy cold frozen yogurt to cool me down. I have two air conditioners on right now. Still feels the heat!

Made few strawberry recipes before:

Strawberry smoothy

Healthy Recipe Strawberry Smoothie (3 ingredients or less, strawberries, peanuts)

Strawberry Chardonnay Sorbet

whole wheat strawberry green tea pancake

Lightly Alcoholic Blooming Tea Punch

Benefits of this recipe: 

Free download this recipe in pdf

1. One thing tea lovers need to know is if you drink a lot of tea every day, you need to get more calcium. I will write a separate blog to explain why. One of the direct food sources to get calcium is milk (try the one that  contains Vitamin D). Alternatively You can take supplements (ie, if you are a vegan). Some vegetables have good volume of calcium as well. Make sure to walk around your buildings for few minutes a day to get enough sunlight, pretending you are taking trash out every day;) This will help your body to generate Vitamin D, the major element to allow your body to absorb calcium.

2. Another good thing about this recipe is that yogurt contains live enzyme which helps digestion. 

3. Strawberries are great source for Vitamin C. It also adds a lot flavors to the taste.

4. Doesn't have sugar added. Almost all frozen yogurt or ice creams in the market contain tons of sugar.

Tea pairing-great with black, Oolong tea

Plus, this Strawberry frozen yogurt recipe is super easy to make. Here's what you need:

Free download this recipe in pdf


3 cups plain fat free Greek yogurt (or regular plain Greek yogurt)
1 beet cooked
3 tbs grape raisin (or any other kinds), cleaned and chopped
1-1/2 cups of strawberries chopped
1-1/2 tsp fresh lime juice

Ice cream maker

Optional-extra strawberry or mint leaves for garnish
plus few audience to compliment ya;) and this is always the best ingredient, based on my experience

 Equipment-ice cream maker 

Free download this recipe in pdf

1. clean strawberries, grape raisins. I normally use organic strawberries and raisins (psychologically makes me feel more comfy). Did you notice regular strawberries are huge in sizes! Size does matter! The smaller ones taste better. Not always the bigger the better;)

2. chop raisin, strawberries, and beet into small pieces. Are you mad? then chop! chop chop! when someone likes cooking, you know that person is mad all the time, yeah, i mean chefs!

3. ice cream container needs to be frozen for hours before ready to use.  Take it out from the fridge then add all ingredients to the container

4. Turn the ice cream maker on, then rock & roll!! 20-30 minutes! That's it! if you want to make it prettier when serving, garnish with some mint leaves or a whole strawberry. It adds some colors to the presentation and aroma when eating.

Free download this recipe in pdf

What's your favorite strawberry recipes? which tea you like to drink when eat yogurt? leave your comments below to share. like us on facebook or follow us on twitter

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