Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday-Super nanny, Bear style!!

Mom Bear disciplines baby bear Whooh ah woo yiii......Ouch!

Have you ever been "hammered" by your mom you were a kid? No??! Add it to your "Buck List" then;)

 Heeewhooohahyahooo! huh?!

This reminds me the show "Super Nanny". There's a special corner designated for kids who poorly behave. Every time when kids do something wrong, they would be taken to the corner to reflect.

Mom Bear discipline baby bear--Mummy mummy wooya say suuurrriii

hugie hugie....awwwwww!!
Love!! Purely love!! Mom's hug is the warmest!! That little cub is cute cute cute! His little face is so adorable  when he goes over to mom after being told off!

Lessons learned that never mess up with Mom bear!!!

Pictures via dailymail.co.uk

Happy Super Tuesday!!!

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