Thursday, March 22, 2012

Healthy Recipes-Strawberry Smoothies (3 ingredients or less, simple, egg free, oil free)

Is it foggy in your area? I heard it was very foggy last night in New York City...Beautiful view over the river!!!

I read an article on Yahoo news that Man was asked to provide Facebook Login during interviews. What???? you only have one account on Facebook??? I received multiple invitations from Facebook few years ago. Yeah, different email accounts. Of course I accepted them all! It's flattering that many people asked me to be their friends Facebook, whether I know them or not. Felt goodie!!...drop me a line if you only have one account...

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Well this recipe is for those who have job interviews and only have one facebook account;)))

Benefits-rich in calcium, vitamin C, aromatic!! good for ya too!!

Tea Pairing-Green tea

Ingredients (3 servings)
10 oz strawberries, cleaned carefully
16 oz vanilla soy milk (you can use milk if you like)
2 tbsp honey

Extra strawberries for garnish

1. clean fresh strawberries, remove the green leaves. Use water to rinse them thoroughly. Remove the green leaf-like part.

Now I only purchase organic strawberries (someone told me that organic strawberries are never really organic? come on!! Do you think strawberry is the priority of USDA? Probably USDA folks do not eat strawberries). Did you read the news that strawberry is 1 of The New Dirty Dozen with high pesticides. you may ask, if eat a lot of strawberries with pesticides, what could happen...well, I do not know, but I think this video below might show you smthing. You know, frog is not a bad choice;))

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

2. Add strawberries, honey and soy milk in the food blender. I sometimes like to heat the soy milk a little bit so that I can get the aroma out. It tastes better too! "liquefy" for about 1 minute or less, until smooth and creamy. 

3. Cut the extra strawberries in small cubes as topping. 

Try it!! super easy!!


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